Last update: July 15, 2009


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Robert accepts his Helpmann Award for Best Supporting Male in a Musical (WWRY), 2004



1997            A TDK Australian Audiobook Award for the best work of Unabridged Fiction

                             was won by Christian Blind Mission International for their production of Steve

                             Lawhead's charming children's book Brown Ears at Sea, narrated by Robert


2004         A Helpmann Award for Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role in a Musical

                                for We Will Rock You




1979            An AFI award Nomination for best actor in a supporting role

                                for My Brilliant Career

2000    A Green Room Award Nomation for Best Performance in Enoch Arden

2002         A Helpmann Award Nomination for Best Male Actor in a Musical

                                for Mamma Mia!

2007    A YouTube 2007 Award Nomination for Best Shortfilm for Black Button

2009         A Helpmann Award Nomination for Best Supporting Actor in a Musical

                                for My Fair Lady



Honorable Mention


2007       Black Button has received an Honorable Mention in the International 'Indie Short Film

               Festival' based in the United States. It's the only Australian film to make the list.


2008      More awards for Black Button and The Window