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About me


    My name is Tessa. I'm Dutch. I work as a camera operator/camera-assistant/grip and

    one of my wishes it to one day work with Robert.


    I first noticed Robert in The Flying Doctors, about 16 years ago. I liked Geoff very

    much, but I wasn't a fan of Robert specifically yet. I was only 11. And he was too old

in my eyes. Besides... he was married to Kate. I wasn't going to break up that relationship.

In 2004 they started airing repeats of The Flying Doctors and my interest in the show grew again. This

time I was older (and Geoff wasn't!) and in January of 2005 I found a clip of Robert singing in Carols in

the Domain. I started looking for more information about Robert and found more and more. I kind of

knew he could sing, as I had seen " More Winners: Mr. Edmund", but I never completely realized just

how good his voice was. That, combined with his acting abilities did it for me... I finally admitted I was

a fan.


But. In all my searches on the net, I still had to find any sites that were about Robert and Robert alone.

Being unable to find one, I decided I'd make my own. I am hoping that Mr. Grubb will one day

acknowledge this site as his official site. Until then, this will remain an unofficial site.


So. Here we are. I'll try to update as soon as I get new information and of course I will put up all

information I could find so far.


Enjoy the site!








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